I have been a clinical psychologist for over 35 years. Besides seeing patients I have always felt the need to write down observations and ideas I have had about aspects of psychology. Some of these writings have been published, most have not. Some are very short notes (Short ideas), some are a little longer ideas (Longer thoughts), some are full articles (published or unpublished), a few are books, and there are other writings and even some paintings and drawings. I also have research data I have collected.

I always assumed most of what I have written would eventually be published, perhaps after I retired and had the time to review and edit the material. However, at the age of 67, it has now become clear to me that, for a variety of reasons, most of these writings — writings into which I poured my heart and soul and thoughts — will probably never be published.

Imagine Don Quixote having fallen off his horse and seeing his horse galloping off. But, there on the ground, in the ashes of this defeat, the idea of self-publishing on the Internet started things up again. When I was younger, self-publishing was considered an act of vanity and desperation, a way of by-passing the objective evaluations of publishers. Now I prefer to see it as like wearing casual, rougher clothes in going out instead of a formal, approved of uniform. More like jazz improvisations than the music of the academies.

Re-charged, back on my mount, I realize I can "put out" the writings from the past without having to deal with the publishing hierarchy. And more, I can send new thoughts out into the clouds as soon as I feel they are ready to be made public. My goal is to "dress" the ideas just well enough so that if some one "meets" them, they will be presentable, and more, will turn out to be, hopefully, interesting and even useful.

This site is meant as an occupation and recreation and adventure in self-knowledge for me, and I am hoping it will be useful for others who are interested in learning about psychology but, more importantly, about themselves.

Newfane, Vermont
February 25, 2011