(Psychological Paradoxes & Puzzles — 8)

A Paradox regarding Consciousness

Assumption-a: A man, P, is asleep in his bed, dreaming. In his dreams P recognizes a man he knows. He notices the man is wearing a green sweater and thinks to himself that it is a "loud" green. As the dream continues, he compares the color of the sweater with the tan of the man's face and the whiteness of his whiskers. He feels a negative feeling towards the man in the dream.
Assumption-b: Recognizing, noticing, thinking, comparing, and feeling are (generally accepted to be) conscious functions, functions that require consciousness.
Assumption-c: If a person is performing conscious functions, he or she is conscious.
Assumption-d: A man who is sleeping is unconscious.
Conclusion: P is both conscious and unconscious at the same time.