"Big" Dream 1 (March 19, 2013)

(from the series of "Big" dreams)

This is a dream that came to my attention. I am not sure if it was a pure dream or one of those dream-fantasies that occur while lying in bed, half awake and half asleep. It occurred about one week ago. 

The Dream

I was told in a dream, by a shadowy figure, to go into politics and propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment would concern the office of presidency of the United States. It is to state that, as of a certain date, perhaps five years from now, maybe ten or twenty or even longer, there will be a change in the office of presidency. The old office will be phased out, and a new office will be unfolded. Here, in the future, there will be two presidents, not one, and one president will be a male and the other a female, and there will be no age restriction.

This was the dream or dream fragment, fragment because there was no mention of how such an amendment would be drafted or introduced, and so on. In fact, the dreamer was not in any position to do any of this herself and was not of the very highest intelligence or in anything like a high social or economic position, so it is somewhat odd that this person should have this dream.

There was a second issue that came to the dreamer after awakening and thinking about it. The dreamer wondered if the two presidents should be fully independent or a married couple. In the later case, the search would be on for the married couple best suited for the job. The other question was whether the couple could, or possibly should, have a child or more than one child.

Psychological Commentary

To me, as a psychologist with a philosophical leaning, I wondered if the dream was proposing a dual presidency with a male and a female or a single presidency with a male part and a female part. I could think about this for a long time, as it fits in nicely with the idea of the Mysterium Coniunctionis as discussed by Jung and that was practiced in some of the nations of ancient Mesopotamia and also with the common practice, until relatively recently, of peoples, such as the ancient Israelites, asking for kings and queens to rule over them (see 1Samuel).