"Big" Dream 7 (May, 2016)

(from the series of "Big" dreams)

This dreamer is a 73 year old intellectual. He has been quite upset about the rise of Donald Trump to political power. In waking life, the dreamer is fascinated by the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy and has often wondered if fascism could appear in the United States.

The dream

The dreamer is swimming in the Pacific Ocean off of Los Angeles. He is not far off shore and is having a pleasant time. He is floating and then swimming and, basically, relaxing. He looks out to sea, and there is a small, gentle wave coming towards him, a few yards away. He welcomes it and swims the few strokes to reach it. When he gets to its crest he looks and sees a horrifying scene behind the wave: There is a massive wave, higher than any he had seen even in films. It was stories high. At the bottom was a chasm with the bottom of the ocean floor exposed. He pulled back and thought about trying to go under the wave but felt there was no way to escape it. It came, it seemed, out of no where and had the greatest destructive power, especially for those near the beach. He awoke in terror. He wondered if it had to do with the rise of Donald Trump. 

Psychological commentary

Again, as I am not myself a psychic, I do not know if this is a psychic dream about the future of the United States (or even of the world). It may a predictive dream, but it also may be about the dreamer's personal feelings and fears about what will happen. The man was going through some emotional and intellectual upheavals at the time, so it is also possible that these were bigger than he thought and that the dream foretold some massive undermining of his old perspective, It may foreshadow his death or his fear of death. Or it may be a combination of his political, intellectual, emotional, and health concerns. — Not clear to me.