"Big" Dream 8 (November 13, 2016)

(from the series of "Big" dreams)

This dream occurred five nights after the election day that gave Donald Trump the presidency of the United States.

The dream

The dreamer is watching Donald Trump as a large, furious Rottweiler, lips curled back and teeth bared jumps at Trump's throat. Trump calmly aims his pistol and fires and shoots the Rottweiler dead.

Psychological commentary

In ancient Greece, a sick person might go to the Temple of Asclepius at Epidaurus to find a diagnosis, a prognosis, and a possible cure.

There was an area in the precints of the temple in which the person would sleep at night and watch for a dream that would "speak" about the illnesses. The person slept on a couch. (The Greek word for the couch was kli-ne, from which comes our word, clinic.)

This dream incubation has been a practice in many cultures throughout history: The person sleeps in order to have a dream that will provide an answer to an important question.

Our dreamer whose dream we give above fits into this category. He had become very frightened when he heard Trump was elected and realized his own thinking was not helping him understand what the future might bring. The night before the dream he lay in bed and actually prayed for a dream or sign that would help him understand. 

Methods used by the priests in the Asclepion (the temple) to interpret the dreams must have been complex and subtle. One thing we do know is that certain images in a dream were considered positive for an optimistic prognosis. Two such images were the snake and the dog. If a person dreamed of a snake (hence the snake in the symbol of medicine) or dog it was considered a good sign.

We can think of the above dream as the result of a dream incubation in which the question was: "What does Donald Trump's election mean for the future of the United States?"  At the Asclepion, the prognosis for such a dream would have been unfavorable. (I imagine the priests would have counter-measures for such prognoses.)

We can take the dream as a signifying a poor prognosis for the future of the U.S. and its Democracy.

But it can be taken in other ways (as we have discussed in our previous analyses of "Big" dreams).

For example, perhaps it is a sign about Donald Trump and not about the U.S. He shot the powerful Rottweiler, and maybe this means the life force is leaving him.

Or it might be about the dreamer, personally. Perhaps the strength of the dreamer has been sapped by the election outcome (or by something else), but the rest of the country will go on and thrive.

Or this way of interpreting dogs in dreams may be rejected as archaic.

And we know that many don't believe dreams have any meaning.

I leave it for the reader to ponder: "What is the meaning of the dream (if any)?"