Friday 20 April 2018

Short Observations

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JMH International Essays — Announcement

Original Essays on the Psychology of Anger and/or Violence 

We thank all those who have submitted an essay to the JMH International Prize Essay Contest. As of now, February 1, 2017, we have decided not to continue with the contest.

For those who feel they have an important contribution to the subject of the Psychology of Anger and/or Violence, please feel free to submit your essay with the form provided here. If the judges agree that the essay is a significant contribution, we will publish it here (subject to agreement with the author).

We include here links related to past essays — For the 2014 contest, click here for the summary article and here for the list of winners; for the 2015 contest, click here for the summary article and the list of winners; and for the 2016 contest, click here.

Longer Observations


NAME: Thomas Ross Hersh

DATE OF BIRTH: July 19, 1943

PLACE OF BIRTH: New York, New York


BA — Stanford University — History — 1964

Ph.D. — UCLA — Philosophy — 1975

MA — U.S.C. — Marriage-Counseling — 1972

Ph.D. — California School of Professional Psychology – 1975


NDEA Fellowship for 3 years at UCLA in Philosophy

Current Psychology licenses: Vermont (#642), California (PSY5052 — inactive)


1977-present — Private practice in psychology

2006-2009 — Staff at DCS Mental Health, Mystic, Massachusetts

1999-2006 — Staff at Brightside Health, Springfield, Massachusetts

2003-2009 — Staff at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Brattleboro, Vermont

1998-2010 — Consulting psychologist, Grace Cottage Hospital, Townsend, Vermont

Currently — Lectures (e.g.s, a presentation at the Department of Psychiatry, University of New Jersey Medical School,·October 1994;·Amherst College, Departments of Religious Studies and Psychology)

1968-1980 — Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of California at Northridge


Psychology (e.g.s, presentation for the American Psychological Association on the psychology of religion; publications on various topics)

Religion (e.g., presentation for the Society of Biblical Literature — Western Division on the Psychology of Religion)

Archaeology (symposia and publications at the San Diego Museum of Man on a psychological approach to American Indian rock art)

L.A. Times Newspaper, Brattleboro Reformer (articles on the psychological problems of the aged and on psychological approaches to various films and on politics)

Two Approaches to Understanding Psychology

via reflection on the world
via reflection on one's immediate experience

   the One   the Whole
the Sacred
the Ordinary
feeling stuck
feelings of failing,        of dying
 waking up — feeling reborn
   focusing   on the self
confronting the   unconscious
the whole person
living in multiple       worlds
learning about     the world
feelings of success,     of the good life